Concrete Splash Blocks

Abbott Contracting Services LLC manufactures custom Splash Blocks. These Splash Blocks are available to contractors and businesses at wholesale pricing for resale to their customers.

We produce functional concrete blocks that are designed to withstand a steady water flow and ensure clients’ homes, business foundations and landscaping are not destroyed.

Splash Blocks effectively keep foundation’s dry from draining rainwater that can cause extensive and costly damage to buildings. Routing water away from the siding helps maintain structural integrity. Although gutters are also an important piece of the water drainage system, they can’t do it alone, making Splash Blocks indispensable for every home, commercial business or industrial facility.  

Custom Splash Blocks Your Customers Will Love

Splash Blocks are now being considered stylish solutions that can complement any outdoor space. Abbott Contracting Services LLC’s Splash Blocks come in different sizes and patterns, providing more functional and design options for homes and businesses in all industries.

Abbott Contracting Services LLC’s Splash Blocks come in 24 different concrete colors and one pebble color. Compared to other brands, our blocks are higher-quality and durable. Each block is sealed with Cure n Seal 30lv concrete sealer to enhance the color and protect the concrete. They are also made with a unique fiber formula that fortifies the block with added strength.

Abbott Contracting Services LLC offers 3 Sizes and Patterns:

  • Standard Smooth – 30”
  • Leaf Pattern – 24”
  • Slate Patter – 24”

Experienced Experts

Our team is proud of our experience in manufacturing Splash Blocks in a variety of colors and sizes for your industry, including contractors, hardware stores, engineers, architects and designers. Call us to speak to an expert today. 

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